Hi everyone! I hope you’re all enjoying a wonderful holiday season (best of luck with exams to everyone in school!)

At the end of a great semester I think its important to look back and be grateful for all the great memories – so the theme of this blog is the TEN best memories from this Fall! I listed the number 10 in several different languages because facing a semester of studying abroad is making me so excited to experience a new culture and language…

Anyways, here it goes!


1. Mexico vs. USA Game at the RoseBowl

The Mexico – USA Game was definitely a highlight of the semester. It was so epic to be at the stadium during the energy of a great game!



This year I had the joy of volunteering with Troy Camp for the Pass the Can kids event – it was SO much fun to hang out with all the little ones at the game and help in raising money for them to attend camp over the summer.

Video of Pass the Can Prep with the KIDS 😀

3. Paddle Boarding in San Diego with my Family

There’s nothing like hitting the waves – it was a huge blessing to take a break mid-semester and head back to San Diego for some great family time and time on the water.



4. SWE

SWE Officer Council Retreat

We had a great time together and even visited a wolf retreat, which was totally random but really fun! I have a newfound love for wolves 😀


National Conference in Nashville

A great professional experience and an amazing trip with some awesome SWEesters – we of course had to try on cowgirl hats being in Nashville! The picture below is of Mary and I, a fellow BME and hands down one of the coolest human beings around! 🙂


Goldie Blox Christmas Project

This year SWE conducted our second annual GoldieBlox Holiday Project to inspire the next generation of female engineers by donating 200 GoldieBlox toy sets to second and third grade girls at local underprivileged elementary schools. This holiday season, give the gift of engineering because every girl is more than just a princess! To learn more and donate online, visithttp://ignite.usc.edu/swe (shameless plug)



5. Singapore Innovation Conference at Stanford

I loved getting to travel up to Stanford for a day to hear about incredible innovation happening across borders between the US and Singapore in the financial tech industry. There were great speakers, amazing food, and fantastic presentations about the way entrepreneurship is changing the global landscape.


6. Mumford and Sons Concert in August

This concert was an absolute blast! Mumford and Sons played a killer show and the concert ambiance was incredible!

FullSizeRender 6

7. Bringing my Freshman roommate from Shanghai back to my hometown for a traditional family Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving this year was AMAZING – the food was prime, the pumpkin pies were delicious, and the time with family was very special. I also got to bring my roommate from last year home with  me for the second time, which was a great experience. We even continued our family tradition of watching Home Alone!
FullSizeRender 4

IMG_7377 2

8. Working as a Care Harbor Clinic Interpreter and Volunteer 

It was extraordinarily exciting and humbling to work as a volunteer for the Care Harbor clinic, where I got to serve as a translator and interpreter for medical personnel. This program makes such a difference in the community!


9. Research in Dr. Meng’s Microsystems Laboratory

I have LOVED working in Dr. Meng’s Biomedical Microsystems laboratory this year – the facilities are amazing, the research being conducted is world-changing, and the research time is super fun! It was always the best part of my day to come to work and participate in this community. I will miss them a lot next semester and am so excited already to return to this lab in the fall of next year.

IMG_7186 2

10. Overflow Acapella Christmas Concert

My acapella group is my love, and I loved getting to hang out with and perform with them for our Christmas concert, which was a very special experience and a great way to end the semester with some Christmas cheer. You can take a listen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QwCo_mf00Vc



Overall this has been an unbelievable semester! Crazy, exhausting, overwhelming, and filled with many late hours burning the midnight oil… but so exciting, dynamic, and wonderful! I have learned so much, and had an amazing time doing so!

In January I’m off to Singapore for a semester of Study Abroad at the National University of Singapore, which is going to be an extraordinary adventure – Keep an eye out for my next blog from across the world!

All the best to all of you and Merry Christmas 🙂 

Singing off for the semester – Fight On!


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