Hi everyone – Happy February (and Happy Almost Valentine’s Day!)

In the spirit of the season of love, here’s a cool quote by Da’Vinci about LOVING studying! 

“Study without desire spoils the memory and retains nothing that it takes in.”

      – Leonardo Da’Vinci 

This week we’re talking about study spots (which after my last post about Cambodia feels like a luxury – what a blessing to have the opportunity to even study at all!) – so I thought I’d tell you all about a few places both in California and in Singapore where I really enjoy studying.

For me, studying can sometimes become a “Just Do It” phenomenon, where I need to just make myself sit down and do it, so I generally tend to choose study places where I can bunker down until I’m done. I like having sounds of life around me, so I also tend to choose places with lots of other people around.


In Singapore, I unfortunately don’t have wifi in my dorm room, so I spend most of my time not on campus studying in the SuperSnacks lounge by my residence hall. Here there is Wifi, AC, a crowd, and best of all: WAFFLES! (Obviously important for study success of course)





At USC, my favorite spot by far is the BlackStone Launchpad (you can read about USC’s AMAZING Entrepreneurship program here: http://incubate.usc.edu/). There are always people working on all sorts of neat projects, there is cool technology like 3D printers, a community of awesome people who are really supportive, and the added benefit of free food occasionally appearing after club events hosted in the lobby. On campus, this is the Maker-Space, the place to be! Although, I must say that the Singapore waffle spot is giving it a run for its money in my book 🙂


Wishing you all a fabulous week!

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