Okay maybe that previous statement isn’t exactly true.  Hawaii is probably my favorite place I’ve ever been to in the world.  Maybe a better title would be “Why LA is the greatest place in the world to live” because there is truly nowhere else with the same opportunities as LA.  First, LA has unparalleled weather.  I think we have had four rainy days this year.  On especially warm days, everyone moves their activities and studying outdoors and the quad is full of people catching up on homework and playing Frisbee.

Another reason that I love LA is the variety of delicious food.  Right around campus there are good finds like Jacks and Joes with all day pancakes, Freebirds for a quick burrito, or LA Live is only a short tram ride away with nicer restaurants like The Farm (‘smores at the table!!!!!), Yardhouse, and Katsuya.  If you venture a little farther off campus, the options are literally endless.  Some of my favorite finds this year include Korean BBQ at Road to Seoul, Umami Burger (best burger EVER!), Urth Caffe (perfect for a coffee study break), and of course Sprinkles Cupcakes! There is never an end of new eats to try!

Another reason Los Angeles is wonderful is that nothing is ever too far away.  Want to go to the beach? It’s 20 minutes West.  Want to go snowboarding? The mountaintops of Big Bear are only about two hours north.  Want to go to Disneyland?! Only 30 minutes south for the happiest day on earth.  I have my car on campus which makes getting to all these places really convenient, but USC offers a zip car service with affordable, accessible rental cars for students to get away for a day!

As an art history minor, one of my favorite things to do on a weekend is to explore the multitude of museums scattered around Los Angeles.  This past year I visited the Tim Burton Exhibit and the LA County Museum of Art with the American Institute of Chemical Engineers and the Getty Museum with the Associated Trustee and Presidential Scholars.  I’ve also attended a few talks at the Fisher Museum of Art on Campus through the Visions and Voices art initiative program, and I visited the Getty Villa in Malibu and the Beauty Culture photography exhibit at the Annenberg Space for Photography with my friends.  All of these exhibits were extremely diverse and demonstrated many different sides of Los Angeles culture!

There are so many opportunities in LA to explore whatever it is that interests you which is why it is such a fantastic place to live!

Lyssa Aruda-2015

Lyssa Aruda-2015

Chemical Engineering (Nanotechnology), Class of 2015, Learn more on her profile here!