Hey everyone! Hope you’re all having a great week! This week I’m kind of hungry as I write this which has inspired me to write about my favorite places to eat on my weekends in downtown LA.  During the week I eat at home or on campus, but on the weekends I try to adventure and find some yummy places.  These are my top 5!

1. Panini Cafe.  They have THE BEST hummus I’ve ever had (besides the hummus I had in Israel this summer), and they also give USC students a 20% off discount! They also give huge portions when you order one of their paninis, and usually one order lasts me two meals.  Panini was one of my favorite restaurants in high school too, so it’s nice to have one nearby still!

panini cafe

2. The Melt.  What is better than grilled cheese and tomato soup? Grilled mac and cheese sandwich and gourmet roasted tomato soup! This is my favorite comfort food weekend meal, and it’s only about 10 minutes from campus!

the melt

3. Eggslut LA.  Don’t let the name fool you- this restaurant is delicious and super trendy right now.  It is located in grand central market downtown, which actually has a lot of really good food. Although they are famous for their egg sandwiches, I usually wait for lunch because the avo-burger is unreal.  A burger, an egg, and avocado- best lunch ever!

Studying egg-stra hard #finalsweek #eggslut @eggslutla

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4. Wurstkuche.  This is a little farther and is in the arts district, but still it’s within 15 minutes! They are known for their exotic sausages- everything from rattlesnake to crocodile! They have regular sausage too  though so don’t be intimidated.  Realistically though, their truffle fries are the best part.


5. Syrup. If you want something sweet this is the place to go! Their crepes and waffles are absolutely unreal, but their homemade tea withe exotic flavors, and their peach berry ice cream take the cake.  This is the perfect pick me up for an evening snack or just to satisfy that sweet tooth!


There are a million and one great places to eat in LA, but these are the places that I always crave, and that are cheap and convenient for students! I love getting new restaurant recommendations from friends though too and trying new places!

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Lyssa Aruda-2015

Lyssa Aruda-2015

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