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Hey everyone! Happy January! I’m very excited to be back for my last semester as an undergrad, and am also so grateful that I’m staying one extra semester for the progressive degree program.  I still have a packed semester but it will be awesome!

I still have three chemical engineering classes to take this semester: Mass Transfer, Chemical Process Dynamics and Control, and Chemical Plant Design.  I’m really excited for these classes because we get to take all of the theoretical knowledge we have gathered for the last three years and apply it to real life situations.  These classes require a lot more creativity and freedom, and it’s cool to be able to start designing actual chemical plants.  These classes also require a lot of skills like teamwork to get all the projects done.

Chemical plant

I’m also taking two grad classes for my engineering management program! I’m taking Inventory systems and Management of Engineering Teams.  I’m most excited this semester about my team management class! It all seems incredibly applicable and we are studying what makes teams successful and what does not work.  The projects for the class also sound really cool, including planning a trip around the world and designing new boardwalk games!

My last class is my first film class at USC! The class is Analysis of Film Style: Tim Burton vs. Wes Anderson! The first week, we watched the Grand Budapest Hotel, and each week we have a lecture on these two artists and then watch one of their films.  Its such a cool opportunity to learn about a subject outside of engineering, and Tim Burton is my favorite!

grand budapest hotel

This semester I’ll also be continuing research in Dr. Hodge’s material science lab, and leading Order of Omega, the Greek Honor Society.  I’m also planning on spending a lot of time with my friends and having as much fun as possible this year!

Lyssa Aruda-2015

Lyssa Aruda-2015

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