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This week we are blogging about our favorite places to study, which was definitely a hard topic! I like to study in a lot of different places: the library or dining room in Alpha Phi, my desk, my bed, RTH Cafe,  but I decided my favorite place was the front right room in Doheny Library!

Doheny library is the place where I can always focus the most and get a lot of work done.  The library is beautiful, and one of the most iconic places on campus, and the decor inside is unbelievable.  Most people work in the main room, which is also featured in a bunch of TV shows, but my favorite place in Doheny is the room across the hall. The main room has a bunch of long tables, while the front room has a bunch of comfy chairs and couches, and also huge windows that overlook the main lawn of campus.  This is definitely the place if I have a huge pile of work and just want to focus and get through it all!

The other places I mentioned are also solid study spots.  I love working in the dining room at my sorority house because all my friends can come over and we can work in a large group together.  It’s comfy and there are always snacks! That’s also why I like working in the Cafe in RTH, the main engineering building.  There are lots of tables which makes it convenient for working in groups, and the food there is hands down my favorite on campus.  My room is also one of my favorite places to study, but sometimes I get tired and distracted there so I try to work in these other places to really get down to business.

For me, the most important thing to have in a study spot for me is a comfortable warm environment and somewhere without a lot of distractions (unless that distraction is study snacks! It’s always easier to study if you aren’t hungry!)  These places definitely get the job done!


Lyssa Aruda-2015

Lyssa Aruda-2015

Chemical Engineering (Nanotechnology), Class of 2015, Learn more on her profile here!