Hello everyone! This week as most of us are being swamped with midterms and projects, I thought I’d share my favorite break from studying- a trip to Sprinkles in Beverly Hills.  While this isn’t the closest Sprinkles to campus, it’s by far my favorite for a few reasons: there is also a Sprinkles Ice Cream here and a Sprinkles ATM.  That means that I can get a cupcake at any time of the day!

sprinkles atm

This week I ventured to Sprinkles after a day of studying for some ice cream! Their mini sundaes are perfect- they take a mini cupcake and cut it in half, and fill the middle with whatever ice cream you like! My favorite is the strawberry ice cream, but right now they have apple pie ice cream for Halloween.  Paired with a vanilla cupcake it was basically the opposite of apple pie a la mode!


It’s so important to not get too stressed and overwhelmed from all the work going on all the time and remember to take a break and have some fun! There’s nothing better than an ice cream sundae for that!


“Rodeo drive is like a great big butterscotch sundae” #andywarhol #sprinklesicecream



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Lyssa Aruda-2015

Lyssa Aruda-2015

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