Hello everyone!  This week we are all blogging about our favorite involvement and I’m going to share my absolute favorite- Freshman Academy Coaching!

Freshman Academy is a class all incoming freshman engineers take, and it is basically a class that explains on a very broad scale what engineers do and what kinds of problems they solve.  There are students from all majors and you’re professor might be an expert in something outside of your field.  Each class also has 2 upperclassmen coaches who are there to help students make that jump from high school to college and figure out how to study in college, what to get involved in, and anything else USC or life related!

I’ve been a Freshman Academy coach for 3 years now and have had an absolutely amazing time with each class.  Its a great way to share what you’ve learned throughout your four years with freshmen so they can start off a few steps ahead of where you were.  It’s also a great way to build a rapport with a professor and you get really close to your co-coach.  I’ve had three of the best co-coaches throughout the years, and this year I’m working with our very own Alex Coco!

We do all sorts of fun activities in class, from learning about the engineering grand challenges to dropping eggs with parachutes from the highest building on campus.  We also take some time outside of the classroom to hang out with our students and we have visited Santa Monica, gone to nice lunches, and had movie nights, to name a few! We also do a lot of important mentoring activities like career fair prep and resume reviews!

I love being able to be a resource for incoming students and help them through this process of finding your passions.  I’ve built great relationships with many students that have been in my class throughout the years, and the best part is when they reach out to you a year or two later even and still want your advice.  It’s definitely one of the best resources USC has to offer!

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Lyssa Aruda-2015

Lyssa Aruda-2015

Chemical Engineering (Nanotechnology), Class of 2015, Learn more on her profile here!