Wow it’s amazing how quickly time can fly! The first two weeks of this semester have already been extremely busy and exciting and there’s still so much to look forward to this semester.

Most of my first week of school was dedicated to rushing a sorority.  This was an intensive and exhaustive process but I thoroughly enjoyed all the new girls I was able to meet (and the cupcakes were delicious).  I’m now a new member at Alpha Phi and have a ton of new people to meet and will probably post more about the process of going Greek in a few weeks.  

My Ivy sis and I on Bid night!

Classes began two weeks ago and this semester I’m taking some rigorous but interesting classes.  This is really my first semester with mostly upper division coursework, so I’m excited to get into classes that are more geared toward my interest and are about applying what I know.  Analytical Chemistry is going to an interesting class all about how to properly use lab equipment and how to go about designing experiments (which will also be really helpful in my research job!).  Physics this semester will be focused on Electricity and Magnetism, which I’ve never taken so I’m both excited and nervous to have such new material.  My thermodynamics class will also be interesting because fully understanding energy and heat will be valuable in my future (and my professor is really funny!).  I’m also taking my first class for my minor in art history, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be learning about the Baroque period.  Finally, I’m taking yoga and honors engineering colloquium, both one unit courses.  Yoga is a fantastic way to wake up on Mondays and Wednesday, and honors engineering brings in professionals from a variety of different areas to give a presentation.  My schedule is definitely busy but it should be an interesting semester.

The next most important part of the semester is FOOTBALL SEASON!!!! The first game against Hawaii was so exciting, and I even made it into the paper! I can’t wait to see how the season plays out for Matt Barkley’s final year, and it should be a phenomenal season.

Fighting on at the first game! I made it into the paper =)

The last thing I’m looking forward to this semester is my freshmen academy class.  Academy is a class every incoming freshmen in engineering takes where you have an opportunity to get to know general engineering concepts as well as learn the ins and outs of Viterbi.  I’m a coach which basically means I’m an upperclassmen advisor for the class.  I’m really excited to have the opportunity to interact with the current class of freshmen and help them with any issues that may arise this year.

My fellow academy coaches and I at the Viterbi Welcome Luau! Note fellow VSAs Steve, Gordy, and Brenton!

This semester is going to be fun filled and busy, but I’m so excited to see how everything turns out!

Lyssa Aruda-2015

Lyssa Aruda-2015

Chemical Engineering (Nanotechnology), Class of 2015, Learn more on her profile here!