This year for Halloween, a bunch of my friends and I decided to try see how brave we were by going to Horror Nights at Universal Studios! This was something I had always wanted to do, and going on Halloween seemed like the perfect way to celebrate.

For the month of October, night time at Universal Studios is full of scary monsters and mazes.  Universal Studios is only about 20-30 minutes from campus by car, and USC even offered a student discount- 50% off with a USC email address!

Now I’m not the biggest fan of scary movies- I get scared very easily, but I was really excited to go! It was amazing to see how theatrical it was set up, every detail was accounted for and there were so many actors in crazy costumes trying to scare you with chain saws, weird noises, clappers, and masks.  We decided to start on the rides- The Simpsons ride was really cool and Jurassic Park was quite eerie in the dark.  Then we braved up and went on the terror tram.  This took you down onto the backlot of Universal Studios, where they had a maze set up through the sets of Psycho and War of the Worlds. It was themed like the Walking Dead and there were zombies everywhere, but we managed to get through without getting bitten.  It was amazing to be on the sets of these really famous movies!

My other favorite mazes were also on the backlot! One was 3D and all the paint on the walls popped out at you which made it even scarier, and this one was Black Sabbath themed.  Also, the monster remix one was really fun.  It was full of all the traditional scary movies like Frankenstein and Dracula combined with dance music! It was a dance party with all the monsters!

This was definitely an awesome way to spend my Halloween, and it was even better because of the special offers through USC! I love being able to take advantage of all sorts of discounts!

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Lyssa Aruda-2015

Lyssa Aruda-2015

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