Hello everyone! I can’t believe the first week of my senior year already flew past! I’m excited but also sad to be starting my last year at USC, and I’m already planning on staying for a little while longer to finish my progressive degree in engineering management!

While senior year is a bittersweet prospect, I have a lot to look forward to this upcoming semester! My classes are getting very specific and interesting, and I’m taking chemical engineering lab, heat transfer, computer aided design, engineering economy, and my first grad class statistics for decision making!  I’m really excited about all of my classes and being able to apply the concepts I’ve learned over the past few years to more real world applications.  We do some very cool labs in chemE lab, which I will definitely be updating here.  I’m also super excited about my first grad class: the professor is awesome and it sounds like a very interesting subject already!

On top of all my classes I’m very busy with extracurriculars! I’m president this year of the Greek Honor Society Order of Omega, and I’m excited to plan a variety of networking events and social activities for the Greek Community!  I’m also looking forward to planning events for the American Institute of Chemical Engineers as the VP Student Affairs!

One of my favorite parts of every fall has been coaching for Freshman Academy.  Freshman Academy is a class that every freshman engineering student takes, and it is all about understanding engineering on a broader scale.  This year I’m partnered with Dr. Erik Johnson who is super amazing, and my cocoach is Alex! I’m looking forward to getting to know our class and share some of my experiences and advice from the past few years.


And of course the very BEST part of fall semester is FOOTBALL SEASON!!! USC Football is one of my favorite things in the entire world, and there is no better holiday than gameday.  The campus is completely decked out in cardinal and gold, and everyone puts aside their work to celebrate! With a new coach and new stars this year, it’s bound to be exciting! Coming off our victory against Fresno State this weekend was also a nice holiday bonus!

It’s going to be a busy semester but I’m excited about everything coming up!

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Lyssa Aruda-2015

Lyssa Aruda-2015

Chemical Engineering (Nanotechnology), Class of 2015, Learn more on her profile here!