This year, I live in apartment off campus, and one of my favorite and least favorite parts has been having to cook for myself most of my meals.  I’ve always loved to cook, but having to cook for myself every day has definitely been a stretch of my creativity.  There are some things that are just super convenient like quesadillas and sandwiches, but sometimes you just need something more.  My roommates and I have definitely worked on cooking more exotic delicious things!

Grilled Quesadillas

Another thing we love to do is bake! All my roommates and I always have some sort of dessert in the apartment.  Last night, we all made a different type of cookie and sent them to all our friends.  I also use baking as an ideal stress reliever: any time I feel overwhelmed I just put 2 hours aside and make something delicious!


As much as I love cooking and living in an apartment, I do miss the cafeterias on campus.  EVK looks so nice now that it has been remodeled, as does the new Cafe 84 and the slightly less new Parkside.  EVK was always a super convenient place to grab anything from a salad to some cereal to a real meal or some ice cream.  I also loved how social the cafeterias were.  There was rarely a time I walked in and saw someone I didn’t know, and what a better time to get to know people then over food! And there’s really nothing better than a USC waffle =)



Lyssa Aruda-2015

Lyssa Aruda-2015

Chemical Engineering (Nanotechnology), Class of 2015, Learn more on her profile here!