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Hello everyone!

Happy Sunday! This week I wanted to talk about an awesome class I’m taking outside of engineering- Analysis of Film Style! The class is all about comparing the work of two of the most identifiable directors in Hollywood- Tim Burton and Wes Anderson.  I decided to take this class because it would count towards my minor in art history, and I absolutely love Tim Burton.

It’s a four hour class, which sounds like a really long time, but the first hour and a half is a lecture about these directors’ history, styles, and more, and the second half of class we watch a movie. We switch every week between Tim Burton and Wes Anderson, and it’s awesome to see a lot of these old movies on the big screen!

So far we’ve watched The Grand Budapest Hotel, Bottle Rocket, and Rushmore from Anderson, and Pee Wee’s Big Adventure and BeetleJuice from Tim Burton! It has been a really interesting experience to get out of the engineering school and learn about a totally different subject.  I generally watch movies for the story, but this class is all about analyzing how the scenes are composed visually which is a totally new take on movie watching for me. Also, most of the students in the class are film majors, so it is even more interesting to hear their perspectives.

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I’m so glad I chose to take this class, and I’m looking forward to learning more and watching even more movies!

Lyssa Aruda-2015

Lyssa Aruda-2015

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