I loved Kristen’s post about life outside of engineering (especially the picture!), so I decided I should share my experiences on the subject as well.

In addition to going class, I’m a busy engineer with my 4 jobs within the Viterbi School of Engineering: Freshmen Academy Coach, Grand Challenge Ambassador, Merit Researcher, and Viterbi Student Ambassador. I posted a few weeks ago on my work planning the NAE Grand Challenge Summit. Today, however, I’m going to share my experiences with you as a Freshmen Academy Coach.

Freshmen year, I had such a wonderful time in the Academy program. I applied to be a Coach the following year, and I have so much fun working with the freshmen students as well as my fellow upperclassmen coaches.

Last year my Freshmen Academy class loved competition, so we decided to challenge them with the task of walking on water…with a budget of $15. With such a limited budget, short time frame to build their design, and a complicated task, we had some very creative and hilarious prototypes. Most of our students scavenged dumpsters around campus for styrofoam and went bargain hunting at the local dollar store. I’m so glad I brought my camera to class the day we tested their designs. Here are some highlights from the competition:

Needless to say, the “winners” of the competition happened to be the only team that made it across the pool. We were a little hesitant to crown them as winners, however, because they didn’t actually walk on water. Instead, they bought a pool float and kicked across the pool. Cheaters!

I think I should give my Freshmen Academy class this year with the same challenge and see what fun ideas they come up with.