Sophomore year I signed up for sorority recruitment on a whim. I ended up joining Kappa Alpha Theta, and it has been one of the best decisions I’ve made at USC. I have so much fun with my sorority sisters, eating daily breakfast, lunch, and dinners prepared by our house chef, Gary, attending Tuesday night Bible study on our new roof sundeck, and of course attending our social events. We recently all went to Twin Star, our fall semester semiformal.

My date and I went out to dinner before the event at Zip Fushion with a huge group of our friends. Mmm the sushi was delicious!

After dinner, we all headed back to Theta, where we boarded busses to the venue. The venue is always kept a secret, so we all had fun guessing where our semiformal would be held. We were surprised that we only drove about a mile down the road from USC to LA Live. My sorority rented out a rooftop pavilion overlooking downtown LA!

We all had so much fun dancing the night away and of course admiring all the lights of downtown.