Last year one of my friends in Kappa Alpha Theta’s Bible study asked me to help her start the USC chapter of The Wells Project, which is the college division of Living Waters International. The Wells Project’s goal is to raise awareness and funds for the current water crisis in Africa. The Wells Project has helped Living Waters International provide clean water for impoverished communities all over the globe, and our team is specifically hoping to build a well in Rwanda.

We recently held the 10 Days campaign on campus, which encouraged students to think about the money they spend within a 10 day period on drinks we take for granted, such as coffee, smoothies, soda, bottled water, etc. and then pledge to donate that amount to our fund to provide clear water for communities that lack access to safe, clean drinking water. One of our members (and USC football quarterback) Matt Barkley, helped spread awareness for the national 10 Days campaign by starring in the promo video.

The 10 Days campaign was just the beginning for our new club. We hope that as we continue to raise support, we’ll one day be able to send a team to Rwanda to see the completion of our well.

You can check out more about Living Waters International and the amazing work they do here.