This year I made it goal to attend more cultural events on campus. USC is so lucky to be able to attract amazing artists, performers, and lecturers. Last year I saw one of my favorite artists, Andrew Bird, perform at Bovard, our main campus auditorium. The concert was incredible, but my 4th row tickets really made the experience wonderful.

Last night I went to The MAZE, an illusionist show with a twist. The illusionist performed some truly crazy–and sometimes frightening–acts, such as eating a string and then pulling it out of his skin on his stomach and correctly guessing numbers that an audience member read out of a phone book at random. Halfway through the show the illusionist then explained that all these tricks were simply deceiving us. He then shared his testimony about this Christian faith and his experience battling leukemia, and challenged the audience to consider how culture and society has deceived us into believing false “truths.” It was a truly moving show, and I look forward to attending more events at Bovard this semester.