This weekend I had a dilemma–the infamous Viterbi Ball and my sorority invite fell on the same night. Ironically, they were both 1920’s themed. Although I had so much fun with my fellow engineers at Viterbi Ball last year, nothing can beat a Theta invite! Since we often shorten our full greek name from Kappa Alpha Theta to KAT, this invite was nicknamed The Great KATsby after the classic Great Gatsby. So, I ordered a red flapper dress from a costume store online and began making plans for a dinner with my Theta friends.

My boyfriend who lives in Chicago bought a plane ticket to fly in for the weekend to be my date for the event.¬†Unfortunately¬†Chicago winter weather is terrible, and his plane was delayed for hours. He missed our group dinner at Pit Fire Pizza downtown, and I didn’t even think he was going to make it to the invite! Luckily, he changed into his suit at the airport and his brother quickly drove him straight to my sorority house. He arrived just as the very last few girls left the house and were walking to the buses to head off to the venue. Talk about perfect timing! Although we were a little frazzled with the flight delay, we had a fantastic time hanging out with friends and dancing the night away at the venue in Santa Monica.

The next day we decided to go to Disneyland together. Even though the park was extremely crowded, we managed to get on all the rides, and we even ran into fellow VSA and Disneyland enthusiast Arianna! Right before the fireworks started, we got stuck on It’s a Small World. Since we missed the fireworks show waiting for the boats to be fixed, we got one more free FastPass to use. Since we’re both nerds, we obviously chose to go on Star Tours a second time. It was the perfect end to such a fun weekend.