USC Homecoming Week is always one of my favorite times of the year. The week is packed with fun activities and competitions leading up to the football game. As a member of the greek community, Homecoming is especially busy. My sorority, Kappa Alpha Theta, was paired up with Sigma Chi fraternity for the week’s events. We had so much fun supporting our USC Trojans!

Monday was the kick-off to Homecoming week. All the sororities and fraternities gathered in McCarthy Quad for fun games. The theme of the week was Quack is Wack since we were preparing for our football game against Oregon (the ducks).

On Tuesday our sorority/fraternity Homecoming team entered in a float building competition. Our team was giving a golf cart, and we had to use our arts and crafts skills to transform it into a themed float. Needless to say, I think the girls on our team contributed much more to the competition than the boys. After we finished the float, Sigma Chi surprised us with a fun event. We all boarded buses and headed off to a mystery location. A half hour later we arrived at a pirate themed restaurant in Marina del Ray for a night of dancing.

On Wednesday we once again used our creativity and crafting to make decorations for the lawn display competition. All our hard work paid off…we won 1st place!

Since Halloween was around the corner, we spent Thursday night carving pumpkins.

On Friday, our final night before the big game, we had an exchange with Sigma Chi, which is a fun event where a sorority and fraternity plan a themed, off-campus event. Everyone dressed up in funny Halloween costumes, and we all had a great time dancing and hanging out.

Although the Trojans didn’t win, the game on Saturday against Oregon was so exciting. The Coliseum was packed with students, alumni, and fans for Homecoming. I even got to meet fellow Trojan, Will Ferrell, who sat in my section at the Scholarship Club!

Overall, it was such a fun and exciting week! Unfortunately the fun is over and now I’m back in midterm season…