After checking out my friend Steve’s photo blog the other day about his apartment, I was inspired to show y’all a little taste of the places I’ve lived in at USC during the past 3 years.

Freshmen year I lived in Birnkrant Residence Hall, or the BK Lounge as I liked to call it. I lived with my wonderful roommate Niki in a traditional two-person dorm room.  My room was plenty big, and I especially loved my huge windows looking out over McCarthy Quad. And as an added bonus, I also lived right above Trojan Grounds (TroGro for short), so a midnight snack was never far away if I didn’t feel like going to EVK dining hall, which is also right next to Birnkrant.

You can check at a full review of my freshmen housing experience here.

BK Lounge

Sophomore year Niki and I got an apartment with two of our other Birnkrant friends. We chose to live in Troy Hall, which is part of USC Housing’s resident community. Our apartment was furnished and only a block away from campus, plus we had all the benefits of university housing (ie. free utility and maintenance work, included internet and cable, and no crazy landlord). Of course since we now had two bathrooms and a kitchen to clean, we also had to learn how to divide up chores. Trying to convince your roommates to clean up their dishes is always easier said then done.

Practicing my domestic cleaning skills, aka singing and dancing as I Swiffered the floor

My sophomore year I joined a sorority, so at the beginning of the spring semester sophomore year, I decided to move into my sorority house. Four semesters later, I’m still here. And let me explain why:

  • Sorority houses mansions at USC are beautiful
  • I get to live with 64 of my closest friends
  • All my meals are provided for me by our live-in chef. Cooked to order omelets for breakfast? No problem. Grilled flank steak for dinner? Yup.
  • My sorority has its own personal gym and a sundeck on the roof
Home sweet home
Living in my sorority has been fun, but I also was surprised at how much more productive I am when I’m surrounded by other girls. Every morning I wake up and go downstairs for breakfast where I find dozens of girls already busy studying or coming back from an early workout at our gym. Seeing all my sisters productive makes me more motivated to get stuff done too.
Of course living with 64 girls does get a little crazy sometimes. But the day when I’ll be searching for my own post-grad apartment will be here soon enough! Until then, you can find me on the Kappa Alpha Theta sundeck.

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  • chandler says:

    You summed it up perfectly, I also love living in theta!! There is always someone to talk to, eat with, or take with you on some new adventure 🙂