I’m back in Georgia for Thanksgiving break, and it’s great to be home!

This is the first time I’ve been home since heading out to LA for school in early August. With the time zone change and long flights, it’s just too hard to try to visit Georgia for a weekend during the school year. I flew home home Tuesday night on the red eye flight, which usually leaves around 11 PM and arrives on the East Coast at 6 AM. I never seem to be able to sleep on the red eye, though! The following night I curled up in my bed at home and slept for 12 hours to make up for the night of sleep I lost on the plane. Apart from the lack of sleep, however, I love taking the red eye flight because I always seem to run into my fellow Georgian Trojans on the plane.

Spending Thanksgiving with my family was so wonderful. It’s hard to think I have to fly back to USC tomorrow to finish up six group projects and take my finals. Yikes! Although the semester is almost over, there are still so many fun things to do. I can’t wait for Conquest (our fun celebration in McCarthy Quad before the UCLA football game), my last sorority event for the semester, and all the ugly-Christmas-sweater parties that happen around this time of year.

Until then, keep enjoying those leftovers!

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  • Same goes for me since I have to flew miles if I wanted to go home from school. From US to Australia flights always makes me sad especially on holidays. Sometimes I even force myself to stay with a few cousins and friends in school whenever I am in a short budget. Finding cheaper flight online and booking ahead of time gives me the solution to most of my problems when I misses home.