I finally got to cross off one of my LA Bucket List items this weekend…hiking to the Hollywood sign! Campus Crusade for Christ, one of the Christian organizations I belong to at USC, organized a group hike since it was a beautiful 80 degrees in LA this past week. We all caravanned to Griffith Park, where we started our long trek through Bronson Canyon. Although the trail was pretty steep, the 5 mile hike seemed more like a leisurely stroll when surrounded by such a beautiful view. The weather was perfect, and we got a great view of downtown LA and the Pacific Ocean along the hike.

We of course stopped many times along the way to take pictures, which included the customary “kite” picture—a sorority tradition where members make a psuedo-kite with our arms to represent our house’s symbol. Why not act like a tourist if you are one?

Overall, the day was so much fun, and the hike was a great opportunity to meet and have fellowship with other members of Campus Crusade for Christ. I can’t wait to see what other kinds of events we have planned for the semester!