As a Senior, I’ve taken a wide range of classes. From grueling prerequisite math and science classes like Differential Equations and Physics, to more fun elective classes like Intro to Adobe Photoshop and the Film Symposium, I’ve covered quite a few subject areas.

Overall, I’ve really been enjoying my upper division Industrial & Systems Engineering classes, but in order to take those classes I first had to knock out some pretty challenging prerequisite classes. Physics 152: Electricity and Magnetism and EE 326: Essentials of Electrical Engineering were my hardest classes here at USC–probably because electricity doesn’t make any sense to me. I’m much better at science classes where the subject matter is tangible. In order to get through Physics, I utilized Supplemental Instruction (SI) sessions, which are extra review classes run by upperclassmen at USC who have done well in that course. SI helped me keep on top of the material each week in lecture so I didn’t fall behind when it came time for midterms. I also had great lab partners in both classes, I thanks to them I not only did well in lab, but I also did not electrocute myself when putting together all sorts of weird circuits…just kidding!

As far as my favorite class, it’s hard to choose between all the fun electives I’ve gotten to take. I’d have to say, my Intro to Occupational Therapy (OT) class was one of the more unique classes I’ve taken at USC. The 2 unit OT class I took was a very broad overview of how the branch of Occupational Science developed (USC created the first professional OT degree program!) and how our class could apply the principles of Lifestyle Redesign to our own lives. The class was really interesting, and I’m glad I decided to take it as an elective even though it was outside of my major.

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