When Humanities + Engineering Classes Overlap

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As a computer science student, the majority of my classes are understandably very math heavy. When I do take other classes—such as thematic option or general education ones—they’re often completely unrelated to my technical courses (which is a pretty nice break!).

Last semester though, I took CORE 104, a thematic option class centered around political philosophy. We read Karl Marx, John Locke, and John Rawls among other texts. At first, I thought that like my other humanities classes, it would be totally separate from my CS curriculum. But as we got further into the semester, we started learning about propositional logic, proofs, and other methods of argument. Funnily enough, the timing perfectly coincided with our propositional logic unit in discrete math (albeit the CS version was much more in depth!). It was really cool to see the crossover between these two classes, and I actually tried writing my philosophy papers with the same framework that I would begin writing my math proofs.

Above: some of the content we learned in both classes!

Discrete math helped me with understanding how philosophy arguments were structured and making my own arguments in essays, and reading a lot of philosophy in turn helped me translate plain English into propositional logic, and perform things such negation on them and find their contrapositives.

So far, I’m not taking any humanities classes this semester that I think will have the same overlapping content as CORE 104 and CSCI 170, but who knows! Maybe it will pop up in the future. Have a good week!!

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