Without exaggeration, choosing to come to USC was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Since I chose to come here, USC has become my home and has been even better than I could have foreseen when I decided to become a Trojan as a high school senior.

I’ll admit right off the bat that at first USC wasn’t my top choice, although it was definitely up there. In comparison with a lot of students, I didn’t apply to that many schools. I applied to USC, Northwestern, Boston University, UC Santa Barbara, and UC Irvine. I visited Stanford and was partially through my applications to Stanford and Yale when I realized that I didn’t really want to go to either of those schools. I realized that I liked the environment at USC and Northwestern much better. I was accepted everywhere I applied, so I was left with a difficult decision. Initially, Northwestern was my top choice. But after visiting USC, I knew that I wanted to be a Trojan.

Me and my Dad in Alumni Park on Move-in Day!

The attraction of USC for me was that it has the whole package. Not only was I excited about how strong USC was academically, but I also was excited about how many opportunities there were outside of the classroom. Once I heard about all the student organizations, research, and job opportunities, I could imagine myself on the campus involved in all those things (which has now turned from imagination to reality)! I also loved that USC really encouraged students to pursue cross-disciplinary studies and to be well-rounded. I loved theatre, but I also really loved math and science and wanted to be able to do both. Clearly, USC was a good choice for this since I came into college as a Theatre major, and now I’m an Electrical Engineering major with a Theatre minor!

I also liked USC because of it’s size. Too small of a University means less opportunities, while too large of a University can be overwhelming and you can get lost in the huge student body. I loved that USC was a research University with tons of programs and opportunities, but still felt like a tight-knit family and gave a lot of personal attention to students by having them meet with an adviser every semester.

Finally, one of the things that sold me was the Trojan Family. I know it sounds cheesy from the outside, but it’s completely true. When the tour guides first talked about the Trojan Family I thought it was something they had to say, but when I saw how actual students interacted, I realized that it was true. USC students have school spirit and the school really does feel like one big family. Now, almost three years later, I’ve experienced that to the fullest. I can’t walk across campus without saying hi to at least five people that I know. I feel like everyone at USC is united by a love of the school (and football of course!), and I know that I’m going to be a Trojan for life!

Heading over to one of my first football games! FIGHT ON!!

I have to say that all the things I expected out of USC have come true and more. USC really is the whole package: academics, student organizations, research, job opportunities, along with school spirit and the Trojan family! From the first moment I stepped onto campus I knew that USC was the place for me.

Move-in Day at my Dorm Room in Birnkrant!