So, I’ve talked before about Slanderous Tongues Theatre, the student organization I’m in that focuses on classical theatre. Well, STT has been doing some really cool things lately! Our Shakespeare Repertory Company has started performing in various places around LA, and this Saturday I was lucky enough to get to see them perform at the Grove, a large shopping, dining, and entertainment area in Los Angeles.

The Grove in Los Angeles

The Rep Company is an audition only group of actors and directors who work on Shakespearean scenes over the course of the semester. Actors are grouped into scenes with a director and each scene has to perform in a public place at some point during the semester. Scenes rehearse a couple times a week and everyone comes together at a whole company meeting every Sunday. These meetings often have guest teachers such as faculty or other students who lead workshops on Shakespeare.

This Saturday, two actors performed a scene from Twelfth Night in a couple places around the Grove. We walked around for a while and chose a bench in front of Anthropologie, and they did their performance right there on the sidewalk. They did a great job, and it was a lot of fun to watch! Several people stopped to watch the scene as well. I can’t wait to see where all the other scenes will choose to perform!