This semester is shaping up to be really exciting! But, as always, it’s going to be super busy. I always go into a semester feeling like I’ll have plenty of time, and then suddenly I’m involved in so many activities that I’ve barely got time to think! But that’s what I love about college!

My classes this semester are on the Computer Science side of Electrical Engineering, which I’m excited about. I’m taking CSCI355 Software Design for Electrical Engineers, EE357 Computer Architecture, and EE464 Probability Theory for Engineers. I’m also taking a GE (General Education) and a Theatre class, THTR488 Theatre in the Community. I’m especially excited about THTR488 because we get to work with and learn about the community around USC.

I’m also still involved in Slanderous Tongues Theatre, and I’m directing a scene for their Shakespeare REP Company this semester. I work with two actors twice a week on a scene from a Shakespeare show and then meet with the entire company once a week for rehearsal tips and fun workshops. (

I also am working on a design review for Robotics. This means that we’re hosting an event during which we present our designs for making an autonomous vehicle to industry professionals and professors who are experts in the area and get feedback. It’s going to be a lot of fun and will be great training for our team.

Our AUV, SeabeeIII!

But the thing I’m most excited about this semester is the new research project I’m working on! This semester I’ll be working with the Emotions group in the Signal Analysis and Interpretation Lab ( It’s a great combination of my Theatre training and Electrical Engineering. I’ll definitely be writing more about it as I get situated so stay tuned!