This summer was one of the best summers of my life because I got to spend it in Rome with some of the coolest engineers around. You may have noticed Will, Steve, Gordy, or Nathan referring to all the fun we had in Rome this summer, and trust me, everything they’ve said is true! To read more about our fun times in Rome, check out the study abroad blog here:¬†

A lone sailboat out on the ocean as the sun set

But anyway, after spending so much time together in such an amazing place, we all became really good friends. Coming home was hard because we all missed each other so much! So a couple weeks ago we decided to have a reunion at Dockweiler beach. We all met at the Lyon Center after our classes on Friday to carpool to the beach. Everyone brought some food, and a couple people brought firewood for our bonfire. When we got there it was still light out and the ocean was so beautiful!


Once we got there, we tried to start a bonfire…with limited success. You’d think that with twenty engineers, lighting a fire would be super easy, but apparently not! It was really windy, so we were all gathered around the firepit trying to shield it from the wind. We probably all looked pretty stupid, and after twenty minutes or so we were about to give up when Steve said, “Hey! I have lighter fluid, would that help?” Yes, that’s right folks. He had lighter fluid the whole time.

Still can't believe he had it the entire time.

After we got the fire lit, and made fun of Steve a little, the night quickly turned into a great time. We had baked pasta, brownies, chips, soda, and roasted marshmallows and hot dogs over the fire. Once it got dark, the fire looked beautiful, and everyone just hung out and caught up with each other. We reminisced about our great times in Rome — especially the food — and had some no-hands eating contests! A couple people, Gordy included, ran into the ocean even though it must have been really cold! I elected to sit by the fire. I get cold easily so I preferred to laugh at Gordy shivering rather than jump in the ocean myself.

Hanging out with Steve by the fire

It was such a great end to the week! I love that we can just get together and go to the beach whenever we want to. I loved hearing about everyone’s classes this semester and what people did for the rest of their summer after getting back from our study abroad in Rome. I’m so glad to have so many amazing memories with people from study abroad, but it’s even more amazing that we still get to have fun once we’re all back at USC. I’ll definitely be heading back to Dockweiler soon!

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  • steve says:

    In my defense – I did say I had the lighter fluid at the beginning and nobody cared so I put it away. Or maybe I just like saving the day, haha. I have some excellent pictures of gordy helping light it that I’ll try to put in my blog, hopefully their existence will justify my holding out on lighter fluid.

    Also, this year is fantastic so if only because I’ve made it to the beach every single weekend but ONE!