I was going to write about one of the awesome engineering classes I’ve taken, like EE301 Introduction to Linear Systems, EE201 Introduction to Digital Circuits, or EE202 Linear Circuits, but I’ve either already written about them or another VSA wrote about them. So I’ve decided to go all the way back to my first Semester freshman year and tell you about a really cool class that I took outside of engineering: Stage Make-Up.

I took Stage Make-Up because I had two extra units and thought the class looked like fun. I was definitely right about that! There were only about ten students in the class and most of the were Theater majors in design, but there was no prior experience needed so we all started from the same place.

The different elements of make-up I used for my final project

Throughout the course, we learned about using makeup for light and shadow, what all the different types of makeup were used for, how they affect the skin, and lots more. Each week we brought our stage make-up kits and got to try all the things the teacher taught during class. At the end of the course, we had to complete a final project, during which we designed the make-up for a character and had to be able to complete the transformation within the time allotted for the final.

I chose to do the horror genre style character, so I ended up with zombie makeup. I had to document the process from start to finish with pictures and had to make a guide so that others could copy my design. What’s about to follow are some very unattractive photos of me… It was a lot of fun, but I can’t say that I looked very good during the process!

These are only a few steps of the project, but you can get the idea. The class was a lot of fun, even as someone who didn’t plan on going into makeup design in the future. I’d definitely recommend it!