This spring break was pretty uneventful for me, but I loved getting a chance to just hang out at home. After a fun hang out with my fellow VSAs on the Friday before break, I drove from USC back to my hometown in the Bay Area on Saturday. I pretty much spent the week hanging out with my family, eating lots of food, and sleeping sleeping sleeping!

The drive up the Bay Area is long, but it’s pretty fun when you’re road tripping with friends. We pretty much blasted music, caught up on each others lives, and talked about how psyched we are for the next football season!

Getting supplies for the journey!

I like that USC is far enough away that I get distance from my family and feel independent, but close enough to visit if I want. I enjoyed catching up with my parents and my grandfather. I also got to see my brother, who is a high school senior, perform in the High School’s musical, Grease. He was pretty great and I had fun seeing him in his first show.

Me with my brother after his show of Grease!

But I have to say that as relaxing as the week was, I was MORE than ready to be back at USC. USC definitely feels like home now, and my home back in the Bay Area feels like a place to visit. Since I’m starting my internship at Boeing as soon as school ends this year, I won’t be going back home. This visit was my last until at least the end of summer, so it was nice to see my family briefly. But nothing compares to being back at USC, with my friends and all my activities and classes!