A lot of people think that college students eat terribly in college but that doesn’t have to be the case! Although sometimes I’m too busy to cook and have to eat out, I still try to take some time to make fresh meals at home.

On Friday my roommate and I decided that after a long week, we could use some rest and relaxation. We decided to spend the night in cooking and watching movies. We went to go get groceries at Ralph’s, which is only a few blocks away. Then we came back and I made fajitas, which are great because they’re easy to reheat later in the week, they’re delicious, and they also have a lot of vegetables in them! I use whole wheat tortillas too to make them healthier.

This is the recipe I used for fajitas. Mine looked exactly like the picture!

For dessert, we each made our own separate things because you can never have too much dessert. My roommate made bread pudding and I made apple tarts, both of which turned out amazing considering neither of us used recipes! We shared the food with a few other people, watched movies, ate great food, and just had a lot of fun!


Apple Turnovers! Yum 🙂

Cooking in college is great because it’s healthy, fun, and saves money. Whenever I have free time, I love cooking with my friends or for my friends!

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