This semester has absolutely flown by, and I cannot believe that I am almost a senior!! It has been a crazy busy semester, but I feel like I have learned more in this year than in any other of my life. I could go on and on about every big thing that has happened, but I’ll limit this blog to a few of the highlights of the semester.

1. In my last organic chemistry lab of the semester, we synthesized luminol. The luminol synthesis is an awesome example of chemiluminescence, which is a reaction that gives off light. I attached a video of the luminol reaction below so you can see the pretty color that luminol makes!

Luminol Synthesis

2. In BME 302 – Medical Electronics, I made an ECG for my final project. By hooking bioelectrodes to a circuit filled with filters and amplifiers, my partner and I were able to read and display our heart rates on an oscilloscope! You can see two of my partners’ heart beats if you look closely on the oscilloscope in the picture below!

3. For spring break this year, I was able to visit my roommates from last semester who are studying abroad in London! It was so great to see them, and I absolutely love London so I was very happy to be back. We spent our time sightseeing, shopping, and, best of all, eating. I made sure that we spent a day at Borough Market, my favorite place in London, and we also went to a beautiful Afternoon Tea.

4. In my BME 416: Regulation and Development of Medical Devices class, we took a field trip to Medtronic Diabetes in Northridge, CA. We got a partial tour of the Medtronic facility and were able to talk to a few USC alumni to network. It was really cool seeing the campus of Medtronic, and it looked like such a fun place to work. The field trip was in March, and Medtronic had a game room where the employees were playing arcade basketball in the spirit of March Madness. It was cool seeing the facilities to see if it would be a place that I would enjoy working in the future!


5. This semester, some of the GE Healthcare employees stationed in Los Angeles took me and one other girl from USC who was offered a full-time position out to dinner. They were so nice and welcoming, and they helped to answer all of our questions about GE Healthcare and my internship/her job. I feel incredibly welcomed into the company, and I cannot wait to start my internship!!


Though it is sad that yet another year at USC has flown by, I have so much to look forward to this summer and during senior year. I am particularly excited about this summer, and it is just hitting me that I will be moving to Milwaukee in just a couple of weeks!


In Milwaukee, I will be working for GE Healthcare’s Commercial Leadership Program. I was assigned my project this morning, and I will be working to help execute a new product launch. The product I’ll be working with specializes in minimally invasive image-guided procedures. This should be an amazing experience, and I will be sure to update my blog this summer with what exactly I end up working on and learning!

Lauren Pelo-2015

Lauren Pelo-2015

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