To celebrate Halloween, my roommates and I decided to go to a Haunted House. None of us do very well with Haunted Houses, though, so we settled for the Haunted Hayride at the Griffith Park Observatory. We figured that a Hayride couldn’t be that scary, right? Well, apparently it can be… at least for me!

Immediately after stepping foot into the park, we were chased by a man with a chainsaw and a creepy pig man. This was not the ideal start of the night for me, to say the least! When we decided to reopen our eyes and catch our breath, we headed to the line for the Hayride. While waiting in line, different people came up to us to try to scare us. Here’s a video sample of some of what we encountered in line:

Haunted Hayride Video


After the 45-minute wait before the ride, I felt like I had been scared enough and didn’t need to go on the actual Hayride! But, of course, I was convinced to get in the truck bed to start the trek through the “haunted” park.


Honestly, I don’t think that I’ve ever screamed that much in my entire life. My roommates and I all literally woke up with sore throats and abs! It ended up being a super fun night and a great bonding experience, but I think that I’ve had enough scares now to last me a few years!

Lauren Pelo-2015

Lauren Pelo-2015

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