Last night I got to go to a great concert, opened by a band that my roommate knows! Two guys from my roommate’s high school formed a dance music band in high school, and last night they got to open for some pretty big names in the dance music genre. This was a ton of fun, and it was awesome to see the guys up there on stage! Their band name is The Two Friends.


They played a lot of remixes of Top 40 songs and a few of their own mixes. I didn’t end up staying for the rest of the DJs, but the venue was in Hollywood so I was able to walk around and explore more of Hollywood that night.


I always love exploring more of Los Angeles, and this was one of my first nights in Hollywood. Hollywood was much less touristy than I thought it would be, but I guess I was also there on a Wednesday night! I definitely felt like the biggest tourist around when I was getting excited over names I recognized within the Hollywood stars on the sidewalk.


The next city I want to explore is Malibu. The last time I was there was actually in high school when my soccer team participated in a tournament in the area and then did a college visit of Pepperdine! It has definitely been too long since I was there. There is some great hiking in the Malibu area, and I can only imagine how spectacular the views are at the top of those hikes. Hopefully I’ll be writing about my trip to Malibu soon with some beautiful pictures!

Lauren Pelo-2015

Lauren Pelo-2015

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