USC was always my dream school growing up.  In fact, my 6th grade teacher told me that in 6th grade I said I was going to go to USC when I was older.  So what was it that made me always want to come to USC?

The fact that I would be a Trojan.  Both of my parents are Trojans, so I got to see first hand and hear about what it meant to be a Trojan my entire life.  When it came down to making a decision, I could have done whatever I wanted and my parents would have been happy, but I wanted to be a Trojan.  I wanted to experience what they got to experience.  I knew that being a Trojan meant more than just going to USC, it meant joining a global, tight-knit family, being taught by professors who are actively involved in their field of study, becoming a leader in my field of study, being challenged and pushed to be the best person I can be, being surrounded by some of the most driven and diverse students who excel in what they study, and having the opportunity to experience cool things that seem to just happen to Trojans.

Truthfully, I didn’t think being a Trojan would be as amazing as my parents always told me it would be, or I thought it would be.  But, my experiences in the first two years have already exceeded any expectations I had, and I still have the rest of my Trojan life to experience.

If you have any questions about why I love being a Trojan, feel free to tweet or email me.

Fight On!

Lauren H. 


Me and My Trojan Family! My sister just committed!


Me the day I got into USC!


Pure happiness! One of the best days!



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