This past February, Viterbi celebrated National Engineers Week, known around Viterbi as E-week.  Each day, engineers took study breaks and participated in many fun activities, including a carnival, talent show, game night, and ZUMBA.  However, one of the most anticipated events of the week is Viterbi Ball! It’s like a prom for engineers.  There is even a Viterbi King and Queen crowned! All students at Viterbi are welcome to attend and bring a date to this formal occasion.  This year it was held at a country club near the Getty Museum and had a James Bond theme, “Quantum (Physics) of Solace.”  Clever, huh?

At the beginning of my freshman year, another engineer on my floor, Katie, and I became good friends and promised each other that we would go to Viterbi Ball in February.  We also decided we would each bring our floor-length high school prom dresses and wear them again.  When else would we be able to wear our old prom dresses?  The night of Viterbi Ball, we got so dressed up, that we felt like Engineering Barbies.

The week of Viterbi Ball, I asked my date, Dorcey, a business student, to come with me.  I am sure he wouldn’t admit it, but if I was him I would’ve been a little concerned about a dance for engineers.  The event turned out to be one the best nights I have had at USC.  We arrived at RTH to get on the buses, and everybody was running around taking photos, excited to see each other out of a classroom setting.  After we arrived at the venue, I grabbed a bite to eat and then hit the dance floor.  I loved dancing with Dorcey, Katie, and the rest of my engineering friends. As the night ended, Viterbi King and Queen were crowned, and we boarded the buses to go back to campus.  I had an amazing night with my friends, and the night was nothing like I expected.  Viterbi is definitely not your average engineering school.

PS: Shout-out to VSA Steve for being crowned Viterbi King!





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