My freshman year I had the wonderful opportunity to live on the second floor of Birnkrant (BK), a co-ed honors dorm on campus located in McCarthy Quad.  Living in Birnkrant my freshman year was one of my best decisions! I loved all the people I lived with and I am still good friends with many of them.

One of my favorite parts of living in Birnkrant was that you meet, live, and become close with such amazing, dedicated, and driven people.  The floors are also small enough so you know your entire floor and there is a little bit of friendly floor rivalry between the floors. (BK2 for life!) We even had a few organized floor competitions, one of which BK2 won tickets to Knotts Berry Farm in!  There are 6 co-ed floors, with each wing of the floor being a different gender, and the second floor is all one gender because there is only one wing.  The 20 girls I lived on BK2 with became my best friends within the first week, and we all continue to meet up once or twice a semester.  In fact, our freshman year we started a “BK2 Thanksgiving” dinner tradition that we have continued since.

Birnkrant has both double and triple occupancy rooms.  I lived in a triple with two great roommates, and I loved the experience.  A triple is the size of two doubles, with a wall in the middle creating two rooms.  We put all of our closets and beds in one room, and our desks in the other creating a bedroom and a study room.  This was great for the nights when one of us had to study late and another had to go to bed early.  We also purchased a futon for our study room that made our dorm feel a little more like a home, and gave us a place to have friends over and hang out.

Overall, living in Birnkrant made my freshman year experience that much more amazing!  I was sad to leave BK and my BK Family at the end of my freshman year, but I now live in my sorority house and love it just as much!

Lauren H. 


My home freshman year!


BK2 on our spontaneous tour of campus move-in day!



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