And I don’t just mean winter break, but the typical winter weather I’ve always known: snow, cold, inhospitable conditions, a bitter wind chill…

I thought it was rough when I went to see the Washington Redskins play at FedEx field on Christmas Eve, since it was in the lower 40s, but only because I was bracing myself for worse… A worse that never came. It was the most mild Winter Break weather in I’ve ever experienced in Virginia. Limited snowfall meant no skiing, since I’m not too fond of the man-made flakes and the Appalachians probably never got cold enough anyway. Now that I’m back in Southern California and wearing shorts and sweatshirts (honestly my favorite wardrobe ensemble), it’s like winter never happened.

Hail the Redskins! Christmas Eve game vs. the Vikings.

But ah, I will always treasure those warm (literally), winter break memories:

Awkward Family Photo?

"A family that Snuggies together stays together"

The family Snuggie picture on Chirstmas Day (thank you SO much, Aunt Karen…), going out for New Years on a crazy adventure in D.C., beating my Dad in Mario Kart (for once), and heading to the pool to give swimming a try. (There were other things too, but I won’t keep you all day, or bore you with my unexpected Hunger Games addiction.) Overall, I thought I would be bored, just staying at home, but I never was. Winter break was perfect!

Another pic from the Redskins game. Me with my cousins and a few friends.

So anyway, I’m back in SoCal and wearing shorts in January… Actually, I can barely imagine anything else! I’ve gotten so used to it in the last week, that the idea of needing a jacket sounds funny. Going from USC, to the most mild Virginia winter I’ve seen in years, and back to USC again, I’ve truly escaped winter’s worst. Since then, school has swooped down so fast I still can’t believe it started, though I think my homework load is pretty well aware of it! But hey– it’s a new year, new semester, and I can’t wait to tell you more about it next week. 🙂