It’s only Saturday, but I’ve had an amazing weekend so far.

Maybe a few of these highlights can give you a small picture of my #ViterbiLife.

Thursday: The College Career Fair! Not as interesting as the Viterbi Career Expo, coming up soon, but at least it got me thinking more about the job application process. It feels a little daunting, but that was a great start to my weekend.

Thursday night: An engineering social! I hung out with friends from the Mechanical Engineering honor society, Pi Tau Sigma. It’s always great to meet more people from your major, whether you’re a freshman or a senior.

Friday: THE SHUTTLE. I could iterate indefinitely how exciting Endeavour‘s fly-over was, but I could never accuratly explain the intensity of seeing it fly overhead. You could even see the black panels on it! My phony (literally, cell phone-y) picture doesn’t even begin to explain it:

Endeavour Flying Over USC

The Space Shuttle Endeavour’s first fly-over at USC. Maybe these pictures do more justice. Check out Kat’s blog about it!

Friday night: I got to chill with SWE (The Society of Women Engineers) on a yacht!!!!! Of course, CassandraCaitlin and Emily (all on the SWE Executive Board) could tell you a lot more about the organization itself. Me? …I only went along for the ride. It sounded fun and I didn’t want to miss the boat! Now, I don’t want to go overboard with these nautical metaphors, but seriously, it was a really yachtsome night!

I was on a boat!

Saturday: BEATING THE BEARS!!! Go Trojans! I love USC Football… Freshman year, I was a member of Trojan Pride: one of the groups that gets automatic front row seats! I was so thankful for today’s solid victory. I left the house with my sorority sisters at around noon, and didn’t get back until around 8pm. So worth it.

The Band always has a post-game show! I stayed til the end.

Sunday (Tomorrow): I predict laundry, homework, and studying for Thursday’s AME 305 midterm. I have some MATLAB homework to complete, my clothes are in a heap, and oh yeah, an AXO E-Board meeting. Just getting ready for Week #5!

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