With no Mechoptronics lab report due this week, my free time this weekend felt nearly limitless… Naturally, it wasn’t exactly obligation-free, but if you’ve ever heard of Mechop, MechOps, or AME 341, then you can probably identify with my sense of abandon by not having lab as usual. Anyway, I had one of the best weekends I’ve had all semester, and here’s why:

1.) I watched Watchmen for the first time ever, at my sorority house, from 11:00PM-3:30AM, and it is seriously one of the best films I’ve seen in a WHILE. While t’s not for everyone (<–the mandatory disclaimer), and I only saw the editted TNT version, if you like action, quality acting, relate-able emotional conflicts, and a sense of much deeper meaning behind everything, this cinematic experience could be your new adventure.

I'm definitely watching this again. Soon.

2.) On a completely different note, I drove some of my friends to church at RealityLA in Hollywood and DIDN’T get lost this time…. Last time, I spent an extra 30 minutes of gasoline deciding how to get onto the 101 North from the 110 North after missing the exit… This week, traffic and navigation were a breeze and then we got delicious In-N-Out burgers afterwards. Learning my way around has been such a relief!

3.) I saw one of my friends perform in a student theatre production on Saturday night called Das Barbequ and it was AMAZING. AND FREE. (They really know how to motivate college students!).

Poster from the musical Das Barbequ

4.) My sorority had an exchange with the fraternity Sigma Alpha Mu as part of Homecoming Week at a club in Westwood. While I’m definitely not the clubbing type, I experienced some LA nightlife in the company of my closest friends. Not too bad.

If you're like me and not from LA, you might find this map helpful when I throw around neighborhood names like Westwood or Hollywood. The red circle is USC.


5.) USC beat the Huskies. That’s what’s up. Oh yeah, and by a LOT too. 🙂 Here’s the best highlight reel I could find. Enjoy!

USC vs. Washington Pre-Game Jock Rally on Friday in Heritage Hall with the Trojan Marching Band!

6.) I was extremely productive on Saturday, despite the game and Homecoming festivities. So, Win.

Lawn Decorations in honor of Homecoming Week at Alpha Chi Omega. Tirebiter's Dog House!!


7.) I met some of the coolest USC Alumni on Saturday, including one woman who graduated in 2008 and went on to graduate school in London, and is now getting her Ph.D. Granted, most of our conversations revolved around her undergraduate experiences, but meeting someone from the Real World really helps put things in perspective. Then we laughed at lot about pretty much everything.

8.) I played BroomBall with an organization called Campus Crusade for Christ, after a friend pleaded that they needed more girls in order to beat the UCLA team. I can’t begin to explain how much fun it was, so maybe I’ll save it for a future blog post! This was last Thursday night, and I’m STILL sore from falling on the ice so much. But as a field hockey player, I won’t complain about ice!

Whenever people ask “What do you do for fun?” or, “What do you do on Weekends?” I always struggle to answer that. Not just because I’m the kind of person that sometimes thinks physics is fun, and enjoys church, but because I’m always up to something different. No weekend is ever the same. Meeting new people, having the time of your life, what can I say: it doesn’t get old. I could do this every weekend. In that respect, I’m more repetitive than I thought! I guess it’s back to Mechop next Weekend, and who knows what else.