Epic Adventure… Philanthropic Endeavor.

I don’t know how else to describe Dance Marathon. It’s the greatest 12-hour-long, dance-party-themed philanthropy at USC! Last Saturday, we raised over $60K benefitting Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and Children’s Miracle Network. It takes all year to plan the event and fund-raise, but on Feb. 25th we finally get to celebrate. For 12 hours, we dance, dance, and dance, to symbolically stand up for the kids who can’t. After three hours you start to feel the burn in your feet, but we don’t stop there!

At the end of the night, the Planning Committee holds up the posters that reveal how much money we raised over the year!

Personally, I’m always having so much fun I don’t ever want to leave…

One of the live performances at DM this year.



Throughout the evening there are live performances, representatives from Children’s Hospital who share their stores, and even Zumba trainers. They also have balloon animals, face paint, massage tables, and really great food to sustain you through the day. Oh yeah, and the event itself is completely free!



We even got to play with a giant parachute!!

What I love about DM is that I can dance like nobody’s watching and feel totally normal because everyone else is too. We’re not there for ourselves, but because of the kids who spend weeks in a hospital while doctors figure out what’s wrong. Spending your time to help improve someone else’s quality of living is one of the best uses of your energy; so, of course I don’t care what I look like!! I just bring along some of my friends and sorority sisters and we get to have a great time, just dancing and listening to cool DJs and live artists.

Rep'ing my sorority! Even got my cool glasses on.




What’s the worrstt part about Dance Marathon? It’s only once a year!! 🙁




Me in front of a DM sign! The theme this year was "Olympics."

A close-up of the '80s cover-band, during the '80s-themed hour.