The Two-Nine Cafe is the epitome of the local Southern California restaurant. It’s family-friendly with a classic menu, a great patio dining area, and a location close to the Row, campus, and many student housing options. I’ve found it great for brunch with the family or dinner with friends. They also play great music, between the Beach Boys and Matt Nathanson I know I can’t complain.

The Two-Nine Cafe, so-called because of its location on 29th and Hoover.

Last night I went to the 2-9 to catch up with one of my “big sister” in Alpha Chi Omega and her “little bro” in the engineering fraternity, Sigma Phi Delta. It was great to catch up over some good food. I always order the same thing, the pulled pork sandwich, with is always completely satisfying… yet always eye with the envy the other orders at the table, like the Frisco Burger (on sourdough bread, naturally), just because everything AWAYS looks so good! We sat inside, watching football on at least three screens and just glad to spend some time with friends.

Outside the Restaurant

The Two-Nine is convenient and inexpensive, yet provides a more formal atmosphere. Sitting outside on the patio reminds me of how nice the weather is living in Southern California, and the heat lamps make for a pleasant evening even after sunset. Maybe next time I’ll order the Frisco Burger… but probably not. It’s one of those classic places where I always get the usual, just because I know I’ll love it.