I haven’t had the wildest or most interesting social life this week because of sorority, work, and school commitments. The fourth week of school is always kind of like this! Your homework assignments are due and you have to start thinking about your post-semester plans and applications. I had an amazing experience at Viterbi Industry Networking Event, aka VINE¬†on Tuesday, which reminded me of Sorority Recruitment times The Viterbi Career Expo minus Long Lines.

(To re-iterate: VINE = Sorority Recruitment X Viterbi Career Expo – Long Lines).**

I attended the Career Expo the next day, recognized the faces of a few Recruiters, and had an interview yesterday because of it, with the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard for a Summer Internship!! I’ll probably end up in Florence for the Viterbi Overseas Program¬†anyway, which I was just accepted into yesterday night, but hey, I’m keeping my options open! Wouldn’t be bad to spend my summer in Hawaii either, now would it?

With so much going on, I choose a funny fall-back hang-out to literally “chill” out: getting Frozen Yogurt, aka “Froyo.” Angelinos are nuts about this stuff!! It’s way healthier than ice cream, and most places are interactive, border-line fun; Really!! You get to choose your own toppings, your own flavors, basically everything. And since you pay by weight, you can add any combination you want without paying extra! Seriously, try it. Last weekend I went to my friend’s birthday party at a Karaoke venue, and we all went to Yogurtland afterwards. It was delicious, fun, and a great way to hang out and try to analyze people’s personalities by their yogurt choices. Just kidding on the latter, but now that I think about it, I’m kind of wondering what my “Taro + Vanilla + Coconut + Pistachio” combination says about me. I certainly wouldn’t recommend that combo to just anyone, but to me, it’s the best!

Celebrating my friend's birthday in Little Tokyo at "Max Karaoke" just before we left to get some delicious frozen yogurt.

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