Now that I’m done with classes, and looking back at the last few weeks, I don’t think I could have made it through those last few term papers, presentations, and lab reports if it weren’t for those few days off over Thanksgiving break. I spent time with my family (they flew all the way out here from Virginia!!), which included my Mom, Dad, and fresh-out-off-college older sister, and we all stayed at my Grandparents’ house in La Canada. I’m big into family, so to me this would have been enough to call it an amazing break… But it got even better!

Beach at Point Magu


Thanksgiving weekend’s epic-ness escalated when I turned 21 last Saturday, which resulted in a spontaneous trip to a vineyard in Malibu for some elegant wine-tasting. We happened to be in the area because my Dad’s cousins (don’t worry, not all 42 of them) had a family reunion that included a hike at Point Magu. It was a great hike that started at the ocean, I recommend it. I also recommend wine-tasting as a classy way to celebrate a 21st birthday.

The start of the hike.






Oh, and later that day we crushed UCLA 50-0… but I’m sure you’re aware of that by now! #onemoreyear, Matt Barkley!


View from the trail.

My cake!!










So what else? A trip to Griffith Obervatory, a Scrabble game that I won, a delicious thanksgiving dinner courtesy of my grandmother, great deals on Black Friday, and some very important homework. Together it was a great break, and it provided the perfect breath of relaxation before heading into finals. Wish me luck!!


Spontaneous, classy wine tasting in Malibu with my Mom, Dad, and sister.



UCLA Game.










Griffith Observatory: the right dome is a zeiss telescope, the center is the planetarium.