Hello, Hello! Less than a month ’til school starts, but summer is still in full swing! A lot happened since my last blog post, back when I was nine time zones away and loving life in Florence, Italy. I spent two weeks back home in Virginia, including a weekend in Rehobeth Beach, Delaware. Now I’m already back in California!

The last few days have been especially exciting. Every summer, my extended family spends a week together and it’s always a lot of fun (and a little crazy!). Usually, we rent a beach house in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, but this year we picked a new locale: Laguna Beach, CA! There’s 28 of us attending, so did I say it gets crazy? Well it needs repeating! There’s lots of competitive card games, Olympics-watching, beach-combing, puzzle-solving, and everything else you can imagine.

LAGUNA BEACH!! I’m at the annual Wendlberger family reunion, usually in North Carolina’s Outer Banks, but moved westward to accommodate our California-based relatives.

Yesterday my family and I went to Catalina Island, just off-shore from Los Angeles. I finally had the privilege to go there (almost three years after I missed my Freshman dorm’s trip…) and it was SOO cool!! We went snorkeling for hours, saw tons of cool fish, and then we walked the port city around until it was time to catch the last ferry of the day. I’m not sure what else this week has in store, but I love being back in California and spending so much time with my family.