It’s already the third week of school, but I still feel like I just got back to SC!! My schedule is finalized, and I’ve continued my mission of taking one non-engineering class every semester: this time, Swimming! I’ve always wanted to become a better swimmer, so here I go. It’s hard work, but I love that I get a work-out built in to my schedule. Plus, I love, love, love the ocean, so maybe after this class I’ll be a little braver and head out past the sharks… Just kidding. Sharks terrify me, and I’m not about to race them!!

I’m also taking Mechoptronics, part II (Sounds tough, right? But we get by), Heat Transfer (like a sequel to Thermodynamics), Dynamics, and another class related to video editing called Interactive Multimedia Production, which it counts as one of my two ‘Technical Electives.’ Interactive Multimedia Production kind of reminds me of electives I took middle school, just because it’s so fun. Our teacher is a great story-teller and really entertaining while we work on our Photoshop and FinalCut Pro assignments. So far, the hardest thing about this class is that we have to work on Macs… But I guess I’ll deal.

Outside of class, I’ve been busy with my new responsibilities as part of the exec board of my sorority, being VP Intellectual Development. Not to mention hanging out (almost too much) with friends I missed over winter break. Between going out on the Row to grabbing brunch or Yogurtland, or running into each other on campus and chatting longer than planned, I’ve realized how important my friends are to me at school. And how I only have three more semesters left at USC.

Below are some pictures I took at the library last week, I just thought they were cool: