The best way to describe my week is that I’ve been making plans. A lot of plans.

Plan #1: I plan to go to Florence, Italy this summer with the Viterbi Overseas Program!!! I’ve officially paid my deposit and I can’t imagine a better way to spend my summer– hanging out with friends from USC, in a foreign country I’ve never been to before, leaving U.S. territory for the first time, learning more about Italy, engineering, art, and finishing credits to lighten up my course load next year. So yeah– this is a pretty serious, and seriously AWESOME plan 🙂

Transportation map of Europe. I'm planning to basically memorize this thing before I go to Florence!!

And almost as serious as…

Plan #2: I plan to have a full-time job after I graduate (power to all of you getting your Master’s degrees, Ph.D.’s, or Progressive Degrees, but I want to be hired first), so I’m applying right now to work in the Nuclear Engineering division of the U.S. Navy, on a nuclear submarine or aircraft carrier after I graduate. Since I’m only a junior, I’m still a long ways away from working full-time, but the program would allow me to sign as early as, well, now! Think of it like an “early decision” job application, just like some colleges have early decision acceptances. But first I need to pass a health screening, tour a sub and surface ship, interview in Washington, D.C., and then of course (hopefully!) get accepted as a Nuclear Officer. Did I mention this is with the U.S. Navy? Oh yeah, it definitely is. Of course, it’s far from being official, but like I said– it’s a potential plan. And a really cool one, too.

A US Navy Ballistic Missile Submarine. Can you imagine me on one of these??

Plan #3: On March 5th, and on a totally different note, I plan to have an AMAZING dinner at my sorority to honor our sisters with amazing GPA’s and provide an opportunity to invite our favorite professors to dinner. It’s one of the best nights we have all semester, and as Vice President of Intellectual Development, I’m basically commander of this whole operation. I’m excited for it, but pretty nervous, too– I have to depend on a lot of people for this to go as planned. We’ll have a guest speaker, scholarship awards, high-GPA awards, and much more. I’ll let you know how it goes in a few weeks!!

I don’t have many great pictures to accompany my topic, so here’s a few (mostly unrelated) pics I took around campus recently:

One of my favorite study spots outside my friend's apartment complex at the Annenberg House on 27th street.

Sunny Day at the Career Fair outside Bovard

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  • Kelly Wendlberger says:

    Nice Plans! Good Luck! What ever happens it will be meant to be and be for the best…I always say.