Is it really Spring semester already? And not just that– can it really be Spring 2013, the year I’m graduating and my LAST semester at USC?! It’s hard to believe. Sometimes Freshman year seems like just yesterday… Looking forward, how am I planning to spend my last semester here? Well I’m glad you asked!

Classes: I’m taking four engineering courses this semester, but my schedule feels pretty light so far (it’s also only week two). Most are mechanical engineering classes, but I’m taking an electrical engineering class, too! I’m most excited about that one– EE 423, Loudspeaker Design. Our final project is designing and constructing a working pair of loudspeakers. With a budget of $300, my partner and I are planning to build something that would retail for much more. The best part? We get to keep the speakers at the end!

A typical pair of bookshelf loudspeakers that my partner and I will (sort of) reverse engineer.

A typical pair of bookshelf loudspeakers. My partner and I will design something similar to these.

I’m also taking AME 420 (Engineering Vibrations I), AME 303 (Dynamics of Machinery), and AME 443 (Control Systems Laboratory). See my schedule below…

My engineering course schedule.

My course schedule. Only four days of class, and on Mondays I’m free until 5pm!

Engineering+ Of course, I have a lot going on besides class! Besides being an active member of my sorority, I’m also in charge of planning E-Week, USC’s version of National Engineers Week. E-Week is an event-filled week in February where we basically get to celebrate just being engineers. Currently, I’ve been working on setting up an intramural tournament (3 vs 3 basketball), a Zumba class, and a Kick-Off Carnival on the E-Quad. Other members of my committee are working on a philanthropy event, a talent show, a quiz bowl, and of course, Viterbi Ball– the biggest engineering social of the year!

I also intend to complete a small bucket list of things to do in LA, which I’m sure I’ll tell you about in a future blog… 😉