Hi Everyone! I’m so excited to hopefully meet some of you at the weekend’s Engineering EXPO as part of Discover USC. This week’s blog is about my major, Mechanical Engineering. I love being a MechE because the field is so dynamic and broad– we learn so many cool things, and the knowledge we gain has so many fields of application. Aerospace Industry? Check. Industrial Sector? Check. Even medical and electrical companies hire mechanical engineers! And I didn’t even mention the auto-industry yet…

A picture from my visit to the Ferrari Museum in Italy this summer. These are actual-sized cars, and I have no doubt a mechanical engineer (or two) was involved in their designs.

Mechanical engineering was the perfect major for me because, when I started out college, I had NO idea what I wanted to do with my engineering degree. Mechanical engineering seemed like it left so many doors open. We learn physics, especially the mechanics aspects, but we also get to learn a lot related to electronics, materials science, and computer aided design.

We also get to work on cool, hands-on projects. This is a component of my senior design project: a truss-structure to be used by future AME 105 students as a glider launcher!

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  • John says:

    Hi, i am interested with mecha course but interest more to automotive product.feel love with f1 machine. Mercedes Petronas rocckkk!!!