…a.k.a. The Downside of Senioritis…

Last Saturday, the USC football team fought on against the #1-ranked Notre Dame Fighting Irish. It marked our last game of the regular season, as well as my last game cheering for the Trojans in the Coliseum’s student section.

The Trojan Marching Band during the half-time show.

It’s bitter-sweet knowing that my days of donning Cardinal & Gold from Section 24 are over… But just like every other game, I had a blast!! We didn’t win, but that didn’t matter to me. After hanging out on campus before the game, walking towards the Coliseum with my sorority sisters, and seeking out the best seats possible, I knew it would be just another amazing home game weekend among 80 thousand other passionate fans.

USC Football games are like nothing else, and I already miss them! Even though one chapter of my Trojan-fandom has begun to close, a bigger chapter is waiting to open– the rest of my life as a member of the Trojan Alumni Family next Fall!

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